Summer Classes

Our classes provide an opportunity for K-12 students to learn about advanced and unique topics. We seek to satisfy the learning needs and goals of all students. 

Thank you for attending our classes and camps this summer! We had a great time working with so many smart, talented, and eager students and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

To celebrate our accomplishments this summer, and to make a special announcement about our organization, we will be holding an end-of-summer celebration from 3-3:30 PM on Sunday September 6th on Microsoft Teams. We'll be playing a kahoot, checking out some of the projects that students have accomplished, holding a raffle for school supplies, and announcing a name change from SAFE!

The prizes offered will be: A 6-month Adobe Cloud Subscription, a Herschel Backpack, a TI-84 Plus Calculator, and more.


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