Java Intermediate (II)


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Basic Info

Location: Classes will be online through Microsoft Teams | More info will be sent out before first class
Dates: Tuesdays & Fridays | Session 1: June 23rd, June 26th, June 30th, July 3rd, July 7th, July 10th, July 14th, July 17th | Session 2: July 28th, July 31st, August 4th, August 7th, August 11th, August 14th, August 18th, August 21st
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Fee: $50 | contact us at for financial aid.
Target: Entering 7th grade - 10th grade


Jonathan Qiao
Jonathan is a sophomore at Newport High School. He has extensive experience in Java and achieved USACO Gold. Furthermore, he has achieved a 5 for AP CS and has experience developer larger-scale applications, including web dev. Jonathan has a year of experience teaching Java to more than 100 students. He also participates in debate, likes sci-fi, and hopes to one day get a cat.
Roberto Diamante
Roberto is a junior at Sammamish High School, and a current full-time Running Start student. Currently enrolled in CS211, he has also taken many coding classes in the past, pertaining to video game development, several game engines, and others, and has scored a 5 on the AP CS exam (CS 210). Not surprisingly, he has a passion for gaming, and understanding the mechanics behind them.  
Kaya Tacer
Kaya is a rising freshman at Newport High School. He learned Python in 5th grade, and now has experience with Python, Java, JavaScript, and C#. He likes programming video games in Unity, and modding Minecraft. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games


*aligns with CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association)

Java Intermediate (I) is a course for students who are already familiar with java, in which we will dive deeper into the language with a focus on algorithmic thinking. Students will continue to hone their programming skills and explore concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming, primitive data structures, and sorting algorithms, culminating in a final take-home project. This course consists of six-1.5 hour lessons that will help students develop the skills to develop larger programs and applications.

It is strongly recommended that students take Java - Intro (I) or equivalent before considering the intermediate class.

Topics: LinkedList, binary tree, recursion, ArrayList, basic data structures, sorting algorithms, debugging, psuedo-code

Prerequisites: Java Intermediate (II) (or equivalent): students should be familiar with classes, objects, and inheritance, as well as have a solidified understanding in the prerequisites listed in Java Intermediate I.



  • Computer w/ install permissions

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